View from the castle terrace in Wernigerode

Stage Wernigerode - Thale

The Harz Mountains are an enchanting natural backdrop, dotted with charming half-timbered towns and historic buildings. Hikers from the Harz Mountains, such as Goethe and Heine, have given this low mountain range landscape a permanent place in world literature and it still has an inspiring effect on its guests.

View from the castle terrace in Wernigerode
Harz narrow-gauge railroad
Harz National Park
Harz National Park near Ilsenburg


Route direction

At the start of the stage, the charming national park community of Ilsenburg entices you to take a break and stroll through the picturesque Ilse Valley. Towards the east, the towers of St. Vitus, one of the oldest monasteries in central Germany, can be seen in the Drübeck district. The gardens and the monastery café provide the ideal setting for a break.
Continuing in the direction of Wernigerode, the fairytale-like Wernigerode Castle® can be seen from afar. The town hall and the half-timbered houses in the historic town center are the hallmarks of the colourful town on the Harz Mountains.
Right at the start of the stage, on the way to Blankenburg, the R1 runs through Michaelstein Abbey. The baroque castle gardens of Blankenburg (Harz), the nearby Regenstein Castle and the fascinating Devil's Wall rock formation offer many reasons for a short detour. Further on towards Thale, in the legendary Bode Valley, exciting landscapes impress once again.

Not far from Neinstedt, the Aller-Harz cycle path offers an extremely worthwhile excursion to the UNESCO World Heritage town of Quedlinburg. High Romanesque architecture, medieval treasures, historic half-timbered houses and winding alleyways bring the town of the first German kings and emperors to life. The contrast is provided by a young art scene attracted by the fascination of the unique ambience.

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2 Stunden
26,8 Kilometer
Höchster Punkt
316 m
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153 m
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By car

To get to Ilsenburg, you can use the A36 exit. You can also reach Wernigerode via the A36 and the A14 or A7. To get to Blankenburg, use the A36 or B27.

By bike/walking

  • Harz circular route
  • Aller-Harz cycle path
  • Heinrich Heine Trail
  • Harz monastery hiking trail
  • Harzer-Hexen-Stieg

With the train

  • Ilsenburg (Harz)
  • Wernigerode
  • Blankenburg (Harz)
  • Thale
  • Neinstedt

Bicycle transport is free of charge on all Deutsche Bahn local trains in Saxony-Anhalt and on local trains within the Central German Transport Association (MDV), subject to available capacity.

Tipp des Autors

Almost the entire Harz region is part of the Harz Nature Park - one of the most species-rich and geologically diverse regions in Germany. Here, untouched natural landscapes and evidence of a long settlement history lie close together.
The Harz National Park stretches around the Brocken, popularly known as Blocksberg, a legendary, harsh and romantic landscape surrounded by an aura of myths and legends. And indeed, witches, devils and mysterious figures meet here time and again - for example on Walpurgis Night.